organdonor amplification Octal “Octi” Tweed 40 watt guitar amp 6SL7/5881/5V4

The organdonor amplification Octal “Octi” Tweed 40 watt guitar amp is based off the early Tweed amp variation that features a pair of octal preamp tubes such as the 6SL7 (equivalent in gain to the 12AX7) and 6SN7(12AU7) in phase inverter.
Tone of the amplifier is rounder and darker than the traditional 5E3 tweed deluxe with more output power running 5881/6L6GC output tubes. Goes from clean to mean at the drop of a dime and delivers the ultimate in rich, heavy tube tone at all volume levels. Amp is well suited for that Blues/Rock vintage amp tone that many players seek out in the tweed style of guitar amps. The amp features a tube rectified power supply that can run 5AR4/GZ34, 5V4, and 5U4 rectifier tubes for different levels of tightness or sag in the power supply.
This amp features a cathode bias output section so with certain rectifier tubes and output tubes, it can be run into class A operation resulting in stellar, responsive and sweetly detailed tone class A cathode bias amps are known for. A post phase inverter master volume is installed to attenuate volume to gain ratio without affecting the tone. This master volume is connected to the grids out the output tubes rather than the preamp. The amp is built with high end F&T/sprauge filter capacitors, Zozo mustard caps and Dearborn paper n oil coupling caps, and solid point to point circuit construction for the ultimate in reliability and tone. Swithchcraft input/output jacks. Custom engraved face plate is made for all my amp models. Controls are volume 1, high/low inputs for channel 1, volume 2, high/low inputs for channel 2, tone control and grid master volume, 8 ohm speaker out, 3 amp fuse, mains power switch, pilot light.

Working and tested chassis complete with a professionally customized control face plate ready to be mounted in a custom head or combo cabinet. These head or combo cabinets can be built to order for an additional cost with a variety of stains or tolex covering.

Actual shipping cost based on your area code location.

Demo sound clips available and please contact with any questions.