organdonor amplification JTM50 custom vintage 50 watt



The amp’s foundation is powered by a vintage 1960’s paper bobbin Wurlitzer organ amp power transformer, new Classictone 50 watt Marshall style output transformer made in USA and a new New Sensor Corp. 8H choke. Built with new and vintage tolerance tested circuit components. New F+T power supply capacitors and vintage tolerance tested carbon composition 1/2 watt resistors, metal film resistors, new mylar coupling capacitors with components built on new turret board. 2 amp mains fuse, 1 amp high tension fuse, vintage white pilot light, new silver Marshall style knobs, heavy duty vintage power and standby switch, hi and lo inputs for normal ch.1 volume and bright ch.2 volume, treble, mid, bass, presence, cliff style input & output jacks, 4,8,16 ohm speaker outs, alpha audio pots.
Top mounted mojotone black n white custom Marshall style head cabinet.

Amp produces very smooth, articulate and detailed cleans at low volume. When pushed, breaks up into a classic gain structure sound that’s definitely very classic Jmp/Jtm marshall. Full and balanced, with superb note clarity even when pushed into breakup. This is a non-master volume amp.

This amp is built with a top chassis mounted 50k ohm bias pot for using different output tubes such as EL34/6CA7/KT77

Including a used tested set of 3 x 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes and tested and matched ValveArt EL34Ls with the amp. The ValveArt tubes sound excellent!
Amp comes with a vintage high quality 5U4GB rectifier tube.
Buyer can choose either solid state plug in rectifier or tube 5U4GB/5AR4-GZ34 rectifier.

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