organdonor amplification Lungster 10 model guitar amp

The Lungster 10 is built from a 1960’s Hammond organ power amp chassis completely converted into an all tube guitar amp.  This is a custom hand built circuit with volume (gain) and tone.  The amp’s foundation is a high quality Hammond power transformer and output transformer.  Built with carbon composition resistors, new and original tone circuit components and constructed point to point with terminal strips.

Amp produces dynamic touch sensitive cleans and is very smooth producing moderate break up with volume up.  The ultimate small amp effect pedal platform with articulate sonic clarity so that nothing stands in the way of the guitar and effect tone.

Power section utilizes the EZ81 rectifier tube.  Cathode bias push-pull output section with a pair of ECL86 output /preamp tubes producing a modest 10 watts output power.  Completely tested chassis ready to be mounted in your own head or combo cabinet.



pilot light

volume (gain)


high input

Hammond 8 ohm output transformer

Hammond power transformer

8 ohm speaker out

2 amp Fuse

120v AC power

1x EZ81 Rectifier tube

2x ECL86 Output/Preamp tube

Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping via UPS ground to lower 48 states.  Returns accepted within 14 days, buyer pays return shipping cost.

Please contact with any questions


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