organdonor amplification ODB800 2203 superlead 100 watt guitar amp

organdonor amplification custom ODB800 2203 100 watt lead model guitar amplifier complete chassis.




The ODB800 is a custom hand built circuit based off the classic 1980’s designs customized and tailored to sound simply incredible through a 4×12 cabinet.  The amp is built with high quality components such as magnetic components 100 watt transformers and choke, F&T filter capacitors made in Germany, Dearborn paper n oil coupling capacitors, passive send/return effects loop, external bias pot and rear mounted bias ports, jubilee knobs, turret board construction using tolerance tested resistors, Cliff jacks and Alpha pots.  Matched set of your choice of EL34/6CA7/KT77 output tubes and vintage ECC83 Mullard and Raytheon preamp tubes.

Outer Chassis Dimensions: 26-1/2″ (Length including wings) x 6-1/2″ (W) x 2-1/2″ (D).
Chassis fits standard JCM800 head cabinets.

This is an impressive 100 watt lead amp and nails the iconic tone so many guitarists have been seeking and continue to be inspired by to this day.

It is considered a “hot” amplifier because it has more gain stages than comparable amplifiers, and in “lead” mode (in the “high” input), an extra triode provides extra gain to the pre-amplifier, which “made for one hot rock amp”

Preamp tubes: three ECC83.
Output tubes: four EL34.
Rectifier: solidstate
Controls: Pre-Amp Volume, Master Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence.
Output: approximately 100 watts RMS.

Custom head cabinets available upon request.

Please contact with any questions.